data sheet

VentSure Rigid Roll is a shingle over, low profile ridge vent with Weather PROtector moisture barrier membrane. The internal membrane provides weather infiltration protection , Patented, durable corrugated plastic construction

Low 5/8" profile for attractive ridge line , Unique design adjusts to almost any roof pitch (2/12 to 20/12)

Easy-to-handle 20' strips; end caps are provided in each carton , Net free vent area: 12.5 sq. in. per lineal ft.

Meet or exceed requirements of all recognized national building codes for ventilation when properly installed with soffit or eave vents

Passed all research and development tests for weather infiltration: Testing performed at Architectural Testing Incorporated (ATI) in York, PA; Wind-driven rain – 8.8” of rain at 110 MPH –Passed; Snow Infiltration – snow simulation at 35 and 70 MPH – Passed with no infiltration; Meet ICC ESR 5417 standard